PSAS Forms Now Available

Applications for Financial Aid for the 2016-17 school year are now available. Regis families will be using the PSAS application for STO Awards or Local Tuition Assistance. This application can be completed online at http://www.psas.org/DUBQ.aspx. Interactive forms are also available for printing here. Paper forms are available from the Business Office; please contact Mary Carey, mcarey@regisroyals.org or 363-1968. A PSAS application must be completed to apply for an STO Award or Local Tuition Assistance.  Applications must be postmarked or filed on line by March 24, 2016.

8th Grade iPad Information
GoCare insurance information can be found here.

Regis Tuition 2015-16
Please use the Tuition Policy link below for tuition rates. Please note that we strongly recommend families apply for financial aid through PSAS. Financial Aid is available in the form of the School Tuition Organization and through Regis Financial Aid. If you have any questions regarding how to make Regis affordable for your family, please contact either Beth Globokar (Principal) or Mary Carey (Business Manager) for a confidential conversation.
Tuition Policy Link

Regis Middle School students receive over $100,000 of financial aid through both STO and local financial assistance.  Please consider a generous gift to the School Tuition Organization (STO) and designate your contribute to go towards Regis student financial aid.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of a donation to the STO.

iPad Repairs
Attention 7th & 8th Grade Families with iPads. As part of the 1:1 iPad initiative, you were offered an insurance option through GoCare. The repair agreement with GoCare is with Digital Doc’s. Should an iPad be damaged please contact Mr. Eichhorn first. Next, please refer to the following documents should you need to have an iPad repaired if you have purchased the GoCare Coverage.
iPad Claims Process
iPad Claims Form